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Consumer Units

The consumer unit (or fuse box in the old days) is at the heart of any electrical installation. It is an essential part of your domestic wiring and provides protection against electric shock, overload and fire.

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A modern RCD Consumer Unit versus an old Fuse Box.

Whilst the fuse box provides some course protection against certain electrical faults, such as overloading, it does not protect against electric shock or fire. If a fuse blows it may be necessary to fumble around in the dark to rewire the fuse. Should a fault occur and you are unfortunate enough to come into contact with a live wire or equipment you could die! They are crude compared with modern units.

A modern 17th Edition Split-Load Consumer Unit provides maximum protection against overload, fire and the risk of potentially lethal electric shocks. If a circuit breaker trips it can be easily reset. Electric Shock protection is provided by two RCDs (Residual Current Devices), which will disconnect you from the mains should you touch something live. They are life savers; no home should be without them!

Installing a new Consumer Unit

To install a new unit requires skill and patience; it is a time consuming job. Beware of cheap quotes - Someone may be cutting corners and putting profit before safety!


For a successful installation, the following steps are necessary:


1. Inspect and test the condition of the entire electrical installation.

2. Upgrade earthing and bonding arrangements, if necessary.

3. Report and repair any existing faults.

4. Remove fuse box

5. Fit new consumer unit and upgrade meter tails, if necessary.

6. Test all circuits and protection systems.

7. Provide full NICEIC certification and notify work to building control.


NIC EIC Certificate


All our work is completed to a high standard; it is fully tested, certified and complies with Part P of the Building Regulations. We provide an NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate and a Compliance Certificate from Building Control. Our work also carries an NICEIC warranty. You can be confident that a new consumer unit from us will provide safe and reliable service for many years.


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